Turning sensor data into realtime visual dashboards

I helped Microsim to turn local streams of data from their sensor measurement systems into real-time visual dashboards in the cloud. This empowers their customers, enabling them to perform accurate analysis of their project’s data and to make critical decisions in time.

The shift towards this more consumer-centric approach started with extensive research and tests in order to get a good understanding of the technical challenges. From there I progressed into targeted development sprints while continuously testing functionality and performance. The app is now up and running in the cloud, providing realtime insight for customers whenever they want and wherever they are.


Realtime web app


Full stack developer

Areas of focus:

UX Design
Responsive Design
Web Development
Cloud Computing

Technologies used:
Meteor (NodeJS/MongoDB)
Amazon Web Services

Designed for scale and speed

Sensor measurement systems capture data from their connected sensors.
Among other things, these systems are used to measure magnet fields,
vibrations and hydropower. This results in a stream of data that is continously being compressed and sent to a database in the cloud.

A webserver keeps track of all the data flowing in, then pushing it to the users wanting to see the data. I have designed a dynamic sharing mechanism that ensures efficient usage of CPU, memory and bandwidth.

All in all, the app is built for speed and scalability. It performs well under severe conditions and is capable of displaying data streams of up to 1Khz (=1000 values) per second per measurement.

The Benefits

Realtime monitoring
In depth analysis
Automatic error detection
Cost savings
Empowered customer
Winning competitive advantage

Sound like something your organization could use?