Managing on-board cameras in realtime

NEP Worldwide has made a bold move by designing an on-board camera that delivers spectacular footage from unexpected angles. But NEP went even further. The camera is smart; it aggregates telemetry data and uses it to detect interesting situations as they occur! It’s the future of broadcasting.

I created a realtime dashboard app that provides insight and manages the on-board cameras during an event. The app runs both in the browser and as a web app on the iPad and enables operators to manage countless on-board cameras without having to look at a 100 screens.

The app consists of a timeline, a video player and a number of data views. It includes a live map with GPS positions of the active cameras. All data updates in realtime. Besides providing an overview, the app is used to control the cameras, ‘offload’ clips and transferring clip selections to playout.


Realtime web app for iPad

NEP Worldwide

React developer

Areas of focus:
Front end development

Technologies used:

Empowered by data

The on-board camera aggregates all kinds of telemetry data like speed, elevation, cadence, heart rate and GPS position.
In the app, the integrated map view is the first component to used this telemetry data. GPS positions of all active cameras are displayed on an interactive map. The markers continuously update as new GPS data flows in.

The telemetry data is also used to detect events of interest. For example, if a cyclist falls during his ascend on Le Mont Ventoux algorithms will detect this by finding anomalies in the data. The app gets notified of this event and directly updated with footage of the fall.

The Benefits

Realtime insight
On-board camera management
Automated event detection

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